• Jackie O'Neill

Choosing the right cleaning products for your team

Before cleaning begins, make sure workers have access to PPE that can protect them from the potential effects COVID-19 and handling cleaning chemicals. Be sure to review your safety data sheets and have them available for employees to review before a cleaning task.

One of the most important necessities for any professional cleaning company is the cleaning kit that is supplied to cleaning operatives. Having the right tools for the job can only help to make your cleaning business a real success. However, you would be surprised how many questions we receive about which key items we believe should be used. So, as a leading supplier of high-quality professional cleaning products and equipment here are our suggestions:






Today there are thousands upon thousands of chemical cleaning products on the market. They come in all sorts of different packages, colours and sizes and they do all sorts of different cleaning jobs. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” range of products

because the nature of the industry is so diverse.

For example, if you are running a small tea-room you wouldn’t need to have a wall mounted dosing system for diluting concentrated cleaning products fitted in your kitchen, you’d just need to have a few retail type products that do the routine jobs simply and efficiently. You don’t need to mix up any solutions with water, when the product container is empty, you throw it away. We call these Ready to Use products (RTU) and they are typically purchased in a 750ml trigger spray bottle.

On the other end of the scale if you are running a large industrial kitchen, the surface area to be cleaned, degreased and sanitised would be so vast that using 750ml trigger sprays would not be cost efficient at all. A concentrated product that you mix with water and use in a reusable trigger spray would be your best option. For example a 10 litre concentrated product would make between 100 and 400 litres of usable diluted cleaning fluid.

So, all this means that when you’re choosing a range of cleaning chemicals you’ve got to ask some serious questions before you make up your mind:

What are my cleaning tasks?

Can I use any products that have more than one function – like a washroom cleaner that sanitises as well?

What are my business levels likely to be?

What sort of range would suit my team?

There is an easier way though; all you have to do is contact us at our sister company Brilliant Chemical Solutions (

Our Sales team can be contacted on 01283 777500. We’ll give you all the professional advice you need and for larger and busier sites we’ll arrange an on-site visit on request. That way you’ll be assured of the most efficient and cost-effective cleaning system available to provide the exact fit for your business.

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