• Jackie O'Neill

Introducing our new Sanitising Fogging Service...

Due to high customer demand we are now offering a new sanitising service delivered by state-of-the-art fogging equipment. As we move into a new phase of people getting back to work we've found that many of our existing customers are asking for a rapid dissinfecting service.

Managing Director Ian Campbell says "as an established commercial cleaning business, we know only too well how important it is to clean and sanitise surfaces effectively and during this recent pandemic we've worked tirelessly to keep our customers premises clean and safe. Cleaning and disinfecting with sprays and cloths gives clients a high degree of reassurance, however fogging allows disinfectant to disperse over a much wider area more rapidly and reaches the tiniest of spaces with ease. Fogging an open plan office within the space of 30 minutes can give much needed reassurance to the occupants knowing every inch has been sanitised".

Fogging not only sanitises horizontal surfaces but vertical surfaces too. Walls, doors, handles, windowsills, glazing, tv screens, monitors, keyboards, remote controls telephones in fact absolutely everything in the space is sanitised. Fogging represents a fantastic opportunity to disinfect a large area quickly, that is why the business decided to invest in this technology after seeing how effective it was in offices schools and hospitals.

The business worked with specialists who understood the science of fogging and who's expert knowledge helped design the equipment. Developed in the UK by a team working in the Fire Service, the technology is capable of sanitising large offices and shops in less than 30 minutes.

We are able to offer a fogging service to all businesses throughout the Midlands and can react quickly if the client requires it. For more information call our specialist team on 01283777500.

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