• Jackie O'Neill

What Qualities Do We Look for in "Brilliant" Cleaning Staff?

Here at Brilliant Hygiene Services, we are very particular when it comes to selecting the right cleaners to join our business. We pride ourselves on giving a “First Class” service and look for certain qualities in people suitable to join our team.

Listed below are the qualities we believe a “brilliant” cleaner should have:

Consistency – we train all our cleaners to a very high standard and expect those standards to be maintained at every job. A great cleaner wants to make it their mission to be brilliantly consistent week after week and month after month.

Timekeeping – we expect all our cleaners to have excellent time keeping, as well as being punctual good timekeeping involves organising yourself during your clean so you can work efficiently.

Honesty – This is non-negotiable as far as we are concerned. When you are being trusted to work in a business premises, often when the employees are not there, you must be trusted implicitly. We all know that occasionally accidents happen, and we expect our staff to be honest about this so that it can be sorted out with minimum fuss.

Pride – Having pride in your work and in yourself is a quality that is extremely important to us here at Brilliant Hygiene Services. It gives a great sense of satisfaction to know you have done a good job and to know the customer will be delighted. Its also important to have pride in yourself and your appearance as we all know “First Impressions Count”!!

Discretion – It is often necessary to work alone at a business premises. We always seek the utmost discretion from our employees, they may come across sensitive documents or information whilst cleaning and this information must always remain confidential and under no circumstances shared with others.

Flexibility – this is so important to us; with the nature of our business our Clients often need us to change our cleaning schedule to suit their requirements at short notice. We therefore need our cleaning staff to remain flexible. With our vast range of products for different industries our staff are expected to keep themselves up to date with all the products we use.

Approachable – Finally we need our staff to be approachable and friendly. Nobody wants to work with someone who is unfriendly and cannot be approached by anyone. We are a very friendly bunch here at Brilliant Hygiene Services and we want all our staff to work in a happy, relaxed environment.

If you think your business would benefit from having a “Brilliant” cleaning team, please give Ian Campbell a call on 01283 777500 or email at

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